Starting with Smiles

I am beaming right now. I just checked my Amazon report and I sold 4 Kindle pre-orders already. Even out of the U.S. OMG. Thank you all so much! The paperback will have expanded distribution. That is why the price ($14.95USD) is high. I have to cut my "profits" to get the most exposure. 

I truly am so grateful. To sell 4 in one day flabbergasts me. That is why I wanted to have the paperback available for pre-order because I think it will sell. I honestly put everything into this book. I put myself back into 2002-2003. I think I am good with listening to Jimmy Eat World for awhile.

I did not let this cripple me. I let it condition me to only be stronger. My mind is still mushy. I think I get the mock book today maybe. I hope there aren't too many errors. Editing bores me. Especially because I have to keep doing it.

Thank you and I am so fortunate for you!