Loyal Leo

I have always been a big believer of remembering, respecting, and staying true to certain people who have given me great insight and had confidence in me.

It is Saturday night and I am blogging. Someone out there believed in me. I always hold that people who believed in me and gave me a chance in such a high regard.

I know I have transitioned careers and there are still some bumps in the road such as getting my active voice to be louder and silencing the passive little voice. I am learning. From having an opportunity to blog, I am learning so many things beyond what I have taught myself.

I am fortunate to actually work with experts because they know their business. As I am blogging, I was never one for hashtags in my personal blog. I just realized that Google pulls them up along with my name. I am going to add hashtags in now because I need to make those disappear further down my SERP. I am laughing, but it definitely is not want I want to project.

It takes me some time to write these blogs because I immerse myself in the content to learn and to write the blog with a full grasp on the material and to have it the most up-to-date. I am truly fortunate and am content in my blogging bubble on a Saturday night.

No matter where I end up, I am loyal and because he gave me a chance, I would blog if he needed no matter what. He was the only one to give me a chance and I am sure he scratched his head quite a few times, but he gave me a chance and believed in me. Anyone who deals with me sometimes needs patience or needs to tell me to slow my roll. I cannot say how fortunate I am. I am not sure if he reads this, but I hope he know he is worth my words. People like that are rare and I will always respect them, hold them in high regard, and if they reach out, I am there.

Him and his partner take their business seriously and are highly regarded with a strong SEO game.

Tomorrow this Turns

The themes of two websites touched upon the personal, professional, and private aspects of my life. I am working on all of the blog posts. They will either be on the other website or I will publish them in a book. Wow, is it possible to write too much? There is so much creativity to channel. I need open outlets and have had to decide who I want in my public and private life. There are a few more hours left then personally, I move to my perfect and private domain 


Global Gains

I am so fortunate for the AMA Feed! They want to make the world a better place! They strive for societal strength. Tatiana is amazing! 

I am doing an AMA on my upcoming book and also you can ask me anything. From blogging to hiding my writing from the world for my whole life. I am taking questions now and it officially kicks off on July 2, 2018 at noon! 

Fellow east coasters, you can virtually spend your lunch break with me!

You can ask questions anonymously! I love the opportunity for the global platform. 


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