Missing Me

If you find yourself missing me, I apologize. I am excavating content from many moons ago and I am doing YouTube videos. I have a channel. You should watch me ramble. I am doing it to prove I am eloquent or can be. On the bottom of any page on this site (excluding the blog because this can be endless) are my social media connection blocks.

I realize that sometimes, I need to speak rather than type or write. No one really watches them, but they motivate me every day to look like a human being.

There are also a lot of posts on my private page. That is if you buy the book, which is the best work I have ever done.

I may go silent until people start buying my books. Remember I am used to handwriting everything. The 2nd book of Memoirs will be out before you know it. School yourself on my life.



Song of the Day: "Royals" by Lorde

Who watched the Royal Wedding this morning? I admit I did! Personally, I thought it was magnificent! What girl my age didn't envy Princess Diana when we were kids? She would be so proud of Harry! I bet he wishes she could have been there to share in such a beautiful day!

I have seen posts online saying "it's stupid" and other critical remarks. That's an opinion that people are entitled to. It exhibited modern day features, yet it was traditional. She doesn't have 12 bridesmaids and he isn't wearing this flashy tuxedo. It was rich with British Royalty, tradition, and elegance. You can actually see Meghan and Harry's love for each other. That was the most beautiful part of it for me!  

I thought it was great that the Palace accepts diversity and demonstrates gentility. They are not "rigid" as some people will label them. They openly accepted and embraced the couple's love for each other with no bias. I wish the rest of the world was ruled by love like Buckingham Palace.  

I personally am thrilled because Harry lives up to his role of being a Prince. He did not settle, he was patient and found his love. He did not "settle" like his father did, even though Princess Diana probably settled for him. Harry married out of pure love, nothing else.  

Prince Harry waited and married the love of his life; it was beautiful, and for the people who do not see the beauty in it, I feel bad for you. You didn't have to watch it, but you didn't have to criticize it either. If you don't believe in love like that existing or a beautiful ceremony that was traditional, that is ok. What compels people to call negative attention to it? Negative attention is a waste of your mind and time. A negative, judgmental thought and mind lead to a miserable life.  

It is about love, have you ever felt that before? Do you want to feel that? So while you may think it is "stupid", it was about love, not your opinion. How does love in England impact your daily life?   

Personally, I admire them because their job is to give back to the world and be humanitarians. What kind of job is more rewarding? They get to help others. That is very noble. They don't do social media so instead of creating a Go Fund Me page, they actually go and help people. 

As a child, I remember always seeing Princess Diana on TV helping 3rd world countries.  She was an advocate for children, patients with HIV and AIDS, and leprosy. She was an amazing mother. Who would have no admiration for such a giving family?

They have tradition that they stick to, but they aren't narrow minded like so many ignorant people out there. If the Queen of England can accept diversity in her life and embrace it as positive and loving, then why can't other people?