Late LOLs

Someone is on the hunt for my Friends Only announcement. Buy my book. I have another website that grants public access to my private life. I am truly flattered that I fascinate people from my past.

If you care so much, I want and need these items (assembled please). Or send flowers to brighten up my melancholy please.



We will start off with that and then I can add more stuff.

I am still good at keeping secrets. Not one person knows everything I have been up to. My regular visitors are up to 140. I am feeling all inspired as the clock strikes midnight. New day.

Nostalgic Night

I am watching old Unplugged shows from the 90’s when MTV mattered. It’s an era that birthed my creativity. It is still a shame that decades later, society still shames us. I no longer have shame.

The dark souls drawn to me believed in me because they could not believe in themselves. They disappeared because they were not strong enough to show up. I will show them the wild card can win.

Many of those that inspired me back then did not survive. If they only knew how many people they helped survive. They inspired me and by them breaking through, I fostered my creativity as I wrote voraciously.

I am telling you, throughout the Memoirs, you will see I always felt I was something. I am just a little late showing up. I have different artists inspiring me today, but as I sit here watching these old videos, I am reminded how much I related to these artists. I felt more connected to famous artists in my teenage years than I had with any other teenagers.

It is still difficult to relate to people still when people continue to hide. I have always been the lone wolf and will continue to be. The difference is now when they come back for me, I know I no longer need any of them. I have the one person I need. My ride or die: myself.

Missing Me

If you find yourself missing me, I apologize. I am excavating content from many moons ago and I am doing YouTube videos. I have a channel. You should watch me ramble. I am doing it to prove I am eloquent or can be. On the bottom of any page on this site (excluding the blog because this can be endless) are my social media connection blocks.

I realize that sometimes, I need to speak rather than type or write. No one really watches them, but they motivate me every day to look like a human being.

There are also a lot of posts on my private page. That is if you buy the book, which is the best work I have ever done.

I may go silent until people start buying my books. Remember I am used to handwriting everything. The 2nd book of Memoirs will be out before you know it. School yourself on my life.



Blowing up the Blog

I woke up at 4:00 am this morning to a message from a high school classmate who read the book. After, I had handwritten a journal entry last night announcing to myself I was about to give up, I needed this. This is proof that I need to keep going.

Thank you.

That is what matters. You get closer to people you know, but don’t know and grow further apart from people you think you knew. To those who discounted me, you have your false sense of dignity (for now). I have and will always have my first amendment rights. Watch out, your day will come along with Karma.

Guts and a Gift

I had a quote I created after I got axed, “they knew I had the guts, but didn’t know I had the gift.” Words.

I slay dragons and demons and create quite the splash. I say things people think, but won’t say. What do I have to lose? I already lost everything this year.

I still am good at keeping secrets. I no longer withhold them from myself though.

Working out to my Words

I hope someone enjoyed their workout at Switch Playground on 12th St. in the greatest city of the world today. Wow….over an hour workout and the whole time creeping on my page while at the gym. You get it girrrrllllll!

Hopefully you got not only a physical workout, but a mental one from going through every inch of my content.

Nice try with the VPN BTW. I may not be technical, but I can investigate and sniff things out.

Thank William, my hacker, for teaching me a thing or two. When you discover you are being watched through your web camera, it kind of makes you step up your internet game. It’s safer than physically chasing the hacker and nearly getting raped. Trust me.

Also, buy my book and see the unfiltered content and get your chance at “payback” by giving a one-star review. Even though the book is the most brilliant work I have done. I will get $4.90 towards reimbursement from wasting money printing resumes and business cards.

With Words I Wage

WomenHack Article on Medium

It was around ten years ago where I had to write a letter to the State Superior Court addressing unethical behaviors. Today, I now will be doing the same thing. I am going to write to the IRS and the EEOC.

I know I was window shopped through this website, then judged, and then rejected for a job opportunity. No one is untraceable on the internet. While, I may not have degrees in IT, I am quite intelligent.

I will take on this joke of a women’s right movement and then if I have to, I am going after Goliath.


I was all ready to go to bed at 10:00 pm. I got caught up dealing with the Scamazon drama and then I get an email at 11:14 pm. Not business hours, mind you. It is from a woman hosting a career fair called Women/Hack that I was invited to and someone paid for my ticket.

Excited and knowing I would finally get a job, I printed $77.10 worth of resumes and cover letters.

Then this is the correspondence.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.33.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.11.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.11.21 AM.png

She doesn’t even work for one of these companies. She hosts events. How does she know what they are looking for? Two different realms. Obviously, I know she was on my website so she is not too tech-savvy because she could been smarter instead of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.

Public Profiles

All of my social media profiles are public. This website is public. If you buy my book, you can get into my private website.

Why people feel the need to creep and troll is beyond me. Will you find something that no one else knows? No. Everything is public. I do not know what the infatuation is. The only thing I am interested in right now is myself.

If I don’t know you, introduce yourself. If I know you, say hello. If I used to know you and no longer speak to you, you know your place. If there is something you are dying to know about, just ask. The only NDA is discussing my Memoirs route, unless you are an agent or publisher.

My life is public now so no need to creep privately. I see it all anyways. If you follow me, you know I was hacked and what happened on that path. In being hacked, I have taught myself things that would make your head spin. Due to the PTSD of the hacking incident, I have no desire to deal with dating anyone. Thank you, but no thank you.

Distinctly Different

The ending to the next book just came to me. I couldn't have typed fast enough so it is in ink pen on envelopes of bills. My hand hurts from writing so fast. I apologize. The ending will not be epic like the first book. I did come up with the title for another book though. This next book is only being written to give the readers answers. Oh yeah. Also requested were the raw emotions I didn't write in the first book. They weren't written in the first book, but they were written. I even took pictures of when I was writing it. This was before Apple told me to leave my web-cam covered. I hope I don't disappoint with the 2nd book. Well, I won't disappoint you. It feels great to know I am enough.

Thank you.


Emotionally inEpt

Emotions are a feeling, for example, when someone's actions or words cause you pain

A judgment is a view you hold. Emotions can cloud judgment. A judgment is based on your morals and your belief system. I am an advocate of honesty, clear communication, and respect. It is acceptable to reject someone respectfully. That will cause them maybe some harm, but it won't have them judge you in a poor fashion. When you step up to the plate and portray honesty, you avoid hurting someone's feelings. When you're dishonest and closed off, you create your own judgment of how others view you.

You are your own judge and jury. Yet people will judge you and they have every right to if your actions do not align with your verbiage.

That is the way I define my metrics when holding an opinion of someone. I would rather look hopeless and honest than be covered in cowardice. 


Something Stirring

Not to toot my own horn, but Amazon sells 8 million paperback books. I have had my book on the market for 10 days exactly around this time was when it went live. I am so proud of myself and thankful to everyone who is buying it and reading it. It was a huge risk writing it. After losing my job in March and looking for another position, I was riddled with rejections. Not one to sit still, I wrote a book. A book that has at least one thought and one behavior everyone has probably had or done, but would never admit to it. I went there. What else could I lose? This year, I lost everything I had known at that present moment. I am strong. I am fierce. I am brave. While I may not have certain degrees or certifications, I proved to myself that I can do anything. So can you.


This is in all  overall  selling on Amazon in Paperback books. Out of 8 million books. 10 days in. Can we get to number 1 so I can find someone to maybe give me a contract? Editing is the worst for me.

This is in all overall selling on Amazon in Paperback books. Out of 8 million books. 10 days in. Can we get to number 1 so I can find someone to maybe give me a contract? Editing is the worst for me.

Book 2 Begins

First, I want to thank my beautiful aesthetician for keeping my skin on point and becoming a great friend. As she recovers next week from a surgery, she will be reading the book. She knows a lot about me so nothing should shock her. 

I also want to thank my CHS Alumni, one being a creator of cult shakes and a pillar of health and beauty. Another being someone who sat at my lunch table, was really good at sports, and is home on maternity leave and bought the book..

Thank you everyone. I think it is great that we have a book club and get to connect. I am guilty of skipping both of my reunions. It is the non-conformist in me. Nothing against anyone.

I started the 2nd book. It was somewhat done. The manuscript was even printed. Out of respect, privacy, and patience, I had to hold off. Now, there is a green light. I have to gut the entire thing and focus on my audience's needs. I also have to focus on Me. They are my memoirs

It's been 10 days in and I am doing a great deal of publicity already so I have to take all of my free time and work on earning a paycheck so to speak.

Thank you everyone. Your support and openness amazes me. You are all proof that the world can be kind!