Target Troubles

Recently, something is going on with my local Target. I don't know if there is a new store manager or if it is company wide. The past few times I have gone in there have been on Saturday mornings, first thing. The store each time has looked as if they are getting rocked by Christmas sales. However, it is spring.  

There are carts and pallets of freight everywhere and a lot of empty shelves. The shelves aren't even straightened and organized like they used to be. (I am referring to the shelves that actually have product on them.)  

They haven't really had good advertised prices and I actually think their prices have gotten higher. The store is difficult to shop with having so many obstacles that include an empty beauty table saying "coming soon", the giant red baskets filled with $1 soap, pallets, and shopping carts.  

They have so many associates on the floor, but they have zero engagement. They cannot even say hello. They do not even acknowledge that you can't get down the aisle. Then, you add in customers to the mix on a Saturday, and it slowly becomes an epic nightmare. 

I also think they offer sizes of basic needs that are not meant for small households.They do not carry the different sizes or varieties that are made by the manufacturer. There is not much variety. Am I the only one who feels this way?

After feeling like I just shopped a "Spartan Race", I then go to the checkout. The cashier was very nice, but was new. I had a stack of coupons and she was asking me how I got them because she saw the cost of my transaction continuously going down. Then, there were some that didn't scan.  I then had to enact my inner Vanna White and display the product that I purchased and show that it did match the coupon.  

She asked the "self-checkout captain" to help her and he was more interested in playing with a cell phone and would not even look up to help her. He maybe keyed one coupon in, as he clutched his electronic device, as if he was an infant, and it was a pacifier. Her and I figured it out; no thanks to him.

I looked back as the line started forming and thought, "oh yes, this 'crazy coupon lady' is going to call you out." The days where I was fascinated with Target are unfortunately gone. I used to feel soothed at how meticulous and organized it was. Now, I cringe amidst all of the clutter.  

I then get home and see I was charged $7.59 for 2 things of laundry detergent when I had only purchased one. So, now I have to go back and actually am going to return half of the stuff I bought because maybe it will fill the shelves up.

As a consumer, I now know what I need to do. I hope as a company, they learn what they need to do.  

Here are some pictures of only a few sections.