Nostalgic Night

I am watching old Unplugged shows from the 90’s when MTV mattered. It’s an era that birthed my creativity. It is still a shame that decades later, society still shames us. I no longer have shame.

The dark souls drawn to me believed in me because they could not believe in themselves. They disappeared because they were not strong enough to show up. I will show them the wild card can win.

Many of those that inspired me back then did not survive. If they only knew how many people they helped survive. They inspired me and by them breaking through, I fostered my creativity as I wrote voraciously.

I am telling you, throughout the Memoirs, you will see I always felt I was something. I am just a little late showing up. I have different artists inspiring me today, but as I sit here watching these old videos, I am reminded how much I related to these artists. I felt more connected to famous artists in my teenage years than I had with any other teenagers.

It is still difficult to relate to people still when people continue to hide. I have always been the lone wolf and will continue to be. The difference is now when they come back for me, I know I no longer need any of them. I have the one person I need. My ride or die: myself.

Something Stirring

Not to toot my own horn, but Amazon sells 8 million paperback books. I have had my book on the market for 10 days exactly around this time was when it went live. I am so proud of myself and thankful to everyone who is buying it and reading it. It was a huge risk writing it. After losing my job in March and looking for another position, I was riddled with rejections. Not one to sit still, I wrote a book. A book that has at least one thought and one behavior everyone has probably had or done, but would never admit to it. I went there. What else could I lose? This year, I lost everything I had known at that present moment. I am strong. I am fierce. I am brave. While I may not have certain degrees or certifications, I proved to myself that I can do anything. So can you.


This is in all  overall  selling on Amazon in Paperback books. Out of 8 million books. 10 days in. Can we get to number 1 so I can find someone to maybe give me a contract? Editing is the worst for me.

This is in all overall selling on Amazon in Paperback books. Out of 8 million books. 10 days in. Can we get to number 1 so I can find someone to maybe give me a contract? Editing is the worst for me.

Tomorrow this Turns

The themes of two websites touched upon the personal, professional, and private aspects of my life. I am working on all of the blog posts. They will either be on the other website or I will publish them in a book. Wow, is it possible to write too much? There is so much creativity to channel. I need open outlets and have had to decide who I want in my public and private life. There are a few more hours left then personally, I move to my perfect and private domain 


Global Gains

I am so fortunate for the AMA Feed! They want to make the world a better place! They strive for societal strength. Tatiana is amazing! 

I am doing an AMA on my upcoming book and also you can ask me anything. From blogging to hiding my writing from the world for my whole life. I am taking questions now and it officially kicks off on July 2, 2018 at noon! 

Fellow east coasters, you can virtually spend your lunch break with me!

You can ask questions anonymously! I love the opportunity for the global platform. 


Photo on 6-23-18 at 7.17 PM.jpg

Significant Impact

Never did I know that launching a website last week and simply writing would have such a tremendous impact. I never imagined that I would launch me into "LinkedIn Cult Status" and have people reach out from all over with their stories, gratitude, and strength to speak. 

"LinkedIn Cult Status" is getting 1,000 hits on a post in 72 hours. I am at 1,606 in 46 hours. Not bad! Now I wait and write. I have been so busy with this that I haven't even had time to do things I need to do. Someone will find me and then I can move and put my new perspective in a new geographical territory. It is time for a change of scenery.  

For now, I will be a full-time advocate for corporate cultural change. I have had two requests to tell people's stories. One person informed me that they simply cannot sit and write, the other is a victim of workplace bullying. I have it outlined and get to piece it together. They get to choose a new identity as we change their name. It is fun temporarily to have a 2nd name. I have had a pseudonym for many years and it is still a secret. I have books published with not one sale. They will be seen when I'm ready.  

There's a story behind it and I'm working on greater stories now so that story will be told in time.  

I am so grateful for the gift of being released from my personal and professional prison. I am grateful for others being paroled from my life. I am grateful for all the positive feedback from near and far in many different fields and from the unexpected. Never did I imagine from my previous mindset that I would not receive one single criticism. Even one of my critical fans who has always been honest saying "you shouldn't have done this or that" actually told me I am the real deal.

I am glad I got to make some people see their true worth. It is fascinating that people do not see how beautiful they are inside and outside. Many people have no idea the power they have in their presence because people protect them from positivity. Many people do not want to build each other up. They decide to drag each other down. I can tell you that no one gains anything from that. It is sad that people are made to feel ashamed of who they really are. When you have to play a part, you know you are bigger than them, and you are destined for greater things if you can't put on an act. I hope everyone's dreams and wildest fantasies come true.  

To speak to some people this week and let them know how I view them felt rewarding. It was amazing for people to confide in me and I understand what they are going through. The power is in the people. It is in the form of gratitude, kindness, positivity, and respect. If everyone practiced kindness and gentility, wonder what this world would be like.

why I write

I write for: Inspiration, Impact, Intent, and Importance.

In 6 days, I have done all four and I am so proud of everyone for giving me a chance, taking a look, reading, and for the positive feedback! I cannot thank you all enough! I also am proud of myself for having the strength to finally show my writing to the world and not have it hide in the attic.

In researching my analytics, I find it very powerful and having a global impact is more than I could have ever imagined! This has been the best investment because giving what I can to society is truly fulfilling.

I am pretty impressed that I only have 19 more states to reach and I have been read in 9 countries. 2 hours ago, I had 709 views in 144 hours, which equals to approximately 118 hits/day.

On LinkedIn, my article from 5/21/18 has had 360 readers only being up for 36 hours. That is 10 readers/hour. My LinkedIn viewers have increased 360% over one week.  

You can direct your dreams, promote your purpose, and be heard! Never tuck away your natural talents, accentuate them!