What I'm Working On

Professional or personal designs for clients including graphics, merchandise, resumes, and cover letters to name a few. I can also hijack your LinkedIn profile and make you stand out. I was hand-picked to be part of LinkedIn’s pilot group for Events.

I probably will bow out of that gracefully. I am a non-conformist, and there’s a waiting list. I will let someone else feel special. It is just like a Facebook Event-too basic for this b*tch. Give me branding materials and let’s go big or I’ll stay home. The name and brand of the company are needed because it would add more street-cred and give me legitimacy.

I do not have enough clout (yet). People are terrified to interact with me because I’m the “crazy creative.” I also have realized I am scary smart, a serious SEO strategist, a bad a** brander and can release books in record time.

I am always learning and was a leader in Corporate America. Who would have thought?

The next event I throw will be my 40th Birthday party on 7.27.19 which will be just as epic as my 30th. I know how to throw a party, that’s for sure.

I can print things on any of these items and you could too by using these amazing companies:

Printful or Canva

Prices for posters are up on my eBay store. Click for Photo Posters or for Matte Posters. I will charge less, and that includes my time. It is $5 to ship. I can’t help that, but I will give you a great deal. I have this site set up for e-commerce through very secure platforms and accept different payments through third-party legitimate, private sources. Did you know that setting up an e-commerce website is pretty difficult? I have an EIN, but it is easier to design if you to tell me what you want instead of me designing random things.

Also working on:

Three books of poetry due out by the end of 2018:

From Melancholic to Hyperbolic

From Melancholic to Dramatic

From Melancholic to Diminished

When asked by a reader regarding the Memoirs, “what would possess you to write a book like that?”

I replied, “you’ll see in the next one.” Yes, I was possessed by a demonic human being, so my next book of Memoirs is titled:

Melissa’s Manic Memoirs: The Road to Ron

The cover is done, and the book is written in a rough draft as I figure out what direction or “road to take.

I also have plans for two more Melancholic Books at least, and my entire life will be written into Memoirs. I want to do books of my blog posts and begin doing podcasts. I need music and am not a musician, so I have to figure something out with that.

Have a great weekend!