Forever Friend

I swear there is this friend I have who must sense when I am overwhelmed. We have known each other for maybe over ten years. Despite our arguments, tiffs, differences, and feedback, without this person, I would be lost.

That intuition is point on. Every time I feel defeated, I get a phone call. I don’t have to ask, beg, or even initiate contact. They just know when the weight of the world is too heavy for me. I’ve grown so accustomed to fighting on my own, I never reach out in a time of need. I should know out of everyone, this is the one person would make time for me. They always have even against all odds.

If I do get in touch, three weeks or months do not go by without any return contact. Not everyone is malicious and self-serving. I am very fortunate to have this friend in my life.

I never have to wonder why I was ghosted because they would never do such a thing. They have never made me feel weak or lesser of a person and force me to face things head on. By far, the compassion this person has is genuine. They do not envelope mixed signals in my brain and seal them only to take a letter opener to rip the envelope apart to shreds.

Why isn’t there more good in the world?