Love my audience

Awaiting an Announcement

Tomorrow, I am hoping to be able to announce something that we finished tonight.

Remember when people leave your life, there are others that will take you in. Despite having the least engaging audience in the world, I love you all. I thank everyone who has dared to go back in time with me and I am overwhelmed by the responses to the poetry. That was a decision I did not make. I have someone pushing me and supporting me for free. Imagine that.

I am so fortunate for my audience and despite feeling like I am Charlie Chaplin most days, I know you are there and this week, you came in droves. Much love to the United, yet Divided States, the U.K. as always, and Canada.

This journey has just begun. If you liked the poetry you read, just wait. You are getting the V8 super-charged content soon. I cannot wait!

Remember, I work endlessly and a lot of things I have been working on haven’t even been uttered yet. I guess I still am good at keeping secrets.

This week, I am so thankful to my audience. I am so fortunate that I was allowed to express my gratitude by running the books for free. I claim to crank out content so I hope you can keep up. Announcement tomorrow.

Much love and I do mostly all of this on my own. I have friends editing and reading. I do all the graphics, strategizing, content, and if you reach out, I respond. I stop responding when you get creepy. I am a one-woman machine. If you anything designed, I will do that. I am maximizing myself out and am over-producing content. If you like what you read or see, have me drum up something for you.

Love Melissa