Social Media

Social Silence

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I have stepped back from social media. Less than 1% of my audience stems from social networking sites. My time is too valuable to waste on bogus bullshit.

I know my audience is expanding so I will write a more detailed post tomorrow. I love music. Sometimes music replaces my words when I do not feel like speaking or writing.



Strategizing Setback

I changed my Facebook link to my page because the amount of random friend requests was over-bearing. 90% of the content on my Facebook is public. I have switched my mindset to, “if I do not know you, I do not add you.” That is the one platform I can share things with friends only.

Also, does Twitter have any account moderation in fake accounts and SPAM? I made a YouTube video last night discussing social media and my reasonings for utilizing it. I am not achieving my goals with social media. If you have ten minutes, visit my channel and watch the video posted on 11/2/18.

I am going to begin doing podcasts so people can hear my voice and not see my face. The trick to that will be trying to do them without the dogs barking.