This website now features an entirely new layout and will be limited in content. This will be my poised and professional website where I play the part. To find the true, transparent, and thought-fueled me, you need to buy the book and read the book. The new website is in the body of the text. Along with a password to get in. If you have issues figuring it out, contact me. Someone wanted to try to manipulate and test me during this whole phase. I have learned to let go, but also know I am intelligent. I could have engaged more in the games, but I was working on building my brand. As William Shakespeare says, "to thine own self be true."

I am excited for you to see all of the new designs on both of the websites. I created them using Canva. I am very visual and can put words and a theme to it. You can even do resumes with Canva. It is my favorite discovery ever. It has made my book and website look amazing. 

I hope you check in here every now and then and also buy the book and visit me on the other side of the web. Also, check out Canva, I gave them props in the book because I love my cover!