Truly Thankful

More thanks!

Thank you to the one Dutch I would trust in a hurricane for sharing and checking out my DE Amazon page. I am sorry the book is only offered in English. Maybe next one, you can write a Dutch version? They would like the book because their culture is very open-minded.

Thank you to the Midwesterner for posting a picture of it and tagging me. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to my Accountability Partner for ordering it. I wouldn't want any other accountability partner!

Thank you to my Aunt R who ordered it and wants my niece to throw a party. 

Thank you to a wonderful woman who said I will be a "world-famous author". You gave me a great laugh.

Thank you CA for finally giving me a review.

Thank you to the 2 Scotts who gave me great reviews. The one being a wicked writer so I am beyond grateful because I think your content crushes mine!