unDiscovered Disappearance

For the past 20 years, I could have disappeared or fell victim to a crime and it would go unreported and unnoticed.

One time, I told my family this and we laughed. However, there is such validity in this. I could disappear and no one would file a missing persons’ report.

My phone has been off much of the week and my computer is making its way across the country. If they happen to discover the hacker, I wonder if they will let me know. The gray line of legality, obviously, is blurred.

Two companies that protect your privacy are Google and Apple.

I have taken steps to cut being connected all the time. I’ve done everything I could do and needed to do. I have yielded no results. I am not giving up or giving in. I am just giving myself a break. I have put in all the work to see no real results.

Life would be easier to see only daisies instead of dandelions. Dreams instead of disappointment. Decisions instead of dread.