Blogging Break

I am taking a break because I do not know if people think I am joking or telling a story, but I am losing my house. I have been so sick physically because of the stress. I have nowhere to go. I have no one. The people that should care about me do not. I try and have tried, but some people will never change. I give everything and anything I can and get nothing in return. I only have myself.

I have never spoken on the phone as much as I have the past two days. If anyone ever has questions about foreclosure, holla atcha girl.

Also, I have been thinking and having dreams about someone a lot recently. I am on their mind as well. They spent their day off on this website. A 40-minute session and then returned in the afternoon. Sorry for getting you to land on Google, but your lies were not healthy for me. I will always love you but just because your girlfriend has leukemia does not mean you cannot leave her. I guess hit me up if she croaks. People like that never die young though.

I am the only one I have. You opted for a weak, needy, pathetic woman who is too dumb to even know who you really are. What we have four more months to go before we see each other again? That is a vicious cycle going strong for four years. Yes, I need you for one thing as you know because I will always have PTSD from the incident in July 2018.