Childhood & Confidence

Right now, I am miffed because an imbecile accompanies me. I've come to learn over the past 18 months the depth of my intellect.

Personally, when it comes to decisions, I admit, I am a moron.

I never realized how intelligent I was until recently. In school, I wasn't as smart as other students. I grew up with geniuses in a utopic suburb. I felt that I wasn't smart enough. If you were not perfect, you meant nothing.

Adding to my low self-esteem, was gym class. Team captains selected their teams. I always waited until the end until I was better than the worst. I hated sports. I was creative, not athletic. However, in Suburbia, you must play the perfect part. I was forced into activities I had zero passion for. When you lack passion, you lack talent.

Fast forward many years, now my mind (which is not malleable) is noticed. It helps to put a face to the brains, but many see my mind, not my body or face. That is what I want.

I wish I realized how capable I was years ago. Life would be different. Instead of focusing on the wrong things and being forced to play catch up halfway through life, I would be in a better situation than my current state.