Cold Connections

I left social media. I went back after a few months. I needed to, not for me, but to do some things. I found out that I missed out on people needing me. A friend’s mother is going into a nursing home, and another friend lost her childhood best friend. I wasn’t there.

I found myself needing support. There is no shame in my game. I went back falsely with a mental list of my ride or dies. I was not asking for a handout. I was asking for my friends to believe in me, to trust me, and to try to help me sweep my path full of debris off. I went to my inner circle. I am shuddering that I was ignored, brushed off, and given excuses by half of them. Fuck you.

I then went to my second ring. They stepped up and showed up. Then I naturally gravitated to perfect strangers. Strangers, ships sailing in the night, to never see and speak to again. My type of people. They stop to my sunken and abandoned ship then move along. I have no hidden treasure to offer.