Data or a Degree?

My LinkedIn profile originally had “Google me if interested. Personality: Creative, Entrepreneurial, Investigative, and a Lone Wolf.”

It was recommended by someone in the peanut gallery to change it. Someone who had written 50 books, yet I cannot seem to find her or her books on Google. Do you know what more people did after I deleted my bio? They still searched me.

The behind-the-scenes people that do not want me to '‘see” them even though I still can. Yes please Google me and see all of the hard work I have put into myself. It doesn’t come up with my address and phone number courtesy of White Pages. It is my page and I am proud of that.

I do not even think I knew what SEO meant when I started this. Now I expose companies and people. I used to say, “never piss a writer off.” Even better though , “don’t piss off a writer who can also index you in 60 seconds.” My weapon of choice has always been words.


Entrepreneurial-can sell anything but myself.

Investigative-the results speak for themselves. No degree needed here.

Lone Wolf-I trust one person with this website. She has all the admin functions and can see everything I have written but have hidden.