desperately seeking SOME engagement......

I plan on doing goal setting and conversions. I have the audience. I see the numbers. This is after “trending” on LinkedIn which btw did not do shit for me.

When CK blasted my ass to all of her “followers,” I was busy with achieving global results. I need answers. FYI: If you have visited my website, after six months, I no longer see you. Don’t be scared. Only shitty people get to feel my wrath. Honestly, I have other things on my plate than dissecting IP addresses. I solved my problem. I could care less who you are. I need answers.

Here is an anonymous poll.

I have the most silent audience in the world. However, I have one. Maybe I entertain people by being at rock bottom. I have self-awareness and own my shit. I have cut people off and out because I had to. Every action causes a reaction and I didn’t need anyone in my way clouding my judgment. I got the last monkey off my back and now it’s time.

I plan on doing private posts for subscribers and some other cool shit. I am bored and listless. I need more excitement in my life. I will get into that later. The data doesn’t lie. I know you are there. Hit yes or no and let me know. Here it goes.

I pay $900 in monthly fees to sell to just one company. That money would prevent my potential of being homeless. I have E-commerce fully integrated on this website and we are talking the real deal. Do I start selling on my own? I even have a business partner and do we opt to pay out the ass in fees to other companies or pay 3% to accept payments. Let me know do I open up my own shop? I even have a domain and can do a redirect for now. Also, I can land on Google shopping placing 3rd or 4th. I honestly need input. I am not going to be irrational and pull the trigger. This needs feedback and needs to be well-thought out.


Do I start selling on my own?

If I only get one person answering, I will switch to hand-writing all of my shit.

Ps: I am getting clicks but no sales. These are my go-to as well.