Disappointed & Done

My SEO says, “former believer in mankind.”

Every day, I lose more faith in humanity. Disappointment on a huge dish all served up to me. I am even disappointed in myself for still holding onto hope.

I can’t stop blogging even though there is NO POINT. I am growing. A bunch of voyeurs who cannot even click a fucking box. You watch me and I watch you watching me.

Oh and while, I am in a pissy mood, let me tell you, when you do not do a review, you impact someone’s chances of being successful or bettering themselves. People are that fucking selfish that while they dick around on their electronic devices, they would rather read Facebook statuses than look out for someone trying to make it-be it an artist or small business.

As a seller, I will break my ass for your bullshit order with all these demands or accept your pathetic-ass offer and you cannot even leave feedback. You got what you wanted. God fucking forbid, you think of someone other than yourself. I am the one here struggling, but who honestly gives a flying fuck? I work 18 hours a day to only move backwards.

I am going back to bed before I have to wake up and take care of my commitments which I do not get even get paid good fucking karma for.

I will be back blogging in no time because audience retention is the name of the game. I have grown so tired of this game. All of this traffic and hits and NOT ONE PERSON can help me find a steady source of income. What in the actual fuck?

While I am on a rant, I am so sick of summer. I need to start emptying out this house and kick it into overdrive. It is too fucking hot to breathe in the rooms I need to empty.