Forbidden Friendship

One person from my previous employer interacts with me occasionally. We spoke last night. Career-seeking tip #1, “never speak poorly about your previous employer.”

I followed that tip, which led me to a destination I would refer to as nowhere.

There is plenty I have and will say about that company one day. I have enough to write a “tell-all” book. I will be ruthless when I do my big reveal. (I kind of need people to read my first book to get there though.)

I was pleased to find out that my favorite boss EVER left the company. He was too good for that place, and I hope whoever got him knows he is a god amongst leaders.

Call it the Leo in me, but I am hella loyal to great people. Sometimes, they put on a grand act and then show their true colors. To all of those that disregarded, discarded, or discounted me, this is my message to you:

The world will hear my side of your story.

You cannot and will not stop me.