Gratitude is GONE

I make mistakes. I am human. With unbearable heat, no sleep, and doing EVERYTHING on my own, I apologize that I sent you the incorrect, high-end hair spray.

I unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) do not know the difference because life does not afford me such luxuries.

I worry about losing my house, and people worry about a $12 vanity product. Hence why I despise selling and think we live in a very UGLY world.

I also love the people who come back 16-31 days later stating the item was used. First of all, I do not wear any mascara because I cry too much as my quality of life continues to diminish. Second of all, I would not wear the brand you are wigging out about.

I pay eBay $1,000/month in fees. Then add the PayPal fees. Don’t forget I am offering free shipping as well. The USPS loses shipments like a boss as well. How can I get ahead? The simple answer, “I can’t.”

A few of the bottom-feeders claimed I was lying. Here is a glimpse into MY WORLD. I can add the certified mail slips regarding my other debt. Would that be legitimate enough for you? People are so rotten. I try so hard and get nowhere in life.

When you complain about something so trivial, I WISH I had your problems.