Jolted in July

I can finally update my website. An American holiday where we celebrate our liberties. Seeing numbers as I have seen, maybe I can change my SEO. Perhaps I will believe in humanity again.

I know exhausted and I know exhaustion. I know hungry, and I know hunger. Hunger, a total game changer, makes me sad. In the LinkedIn comment thread of my post, this was stated to me.

“I would rather take down content then become homeless or go on welfare.”

This has been eating away at me. Is this ignorance or naivety? I can’t even place words on this, to be honest. Everyone said, “oh, you're crazy, go on disability.” I worked 22 years straight and applied. I gave those bastards enough money. I got denied because I was “too educated.” Yet, not educated enough to be hired anywhere?

Here are the facts: I have no income, other household members, or anything else. I had assets to cash out. I need healthcare and couldn’t afford $400/month. I told them I was trying. Every Sunday, I was filling out that fucking employment sheet. 1,300 solid applications shot through, got through, only to be denied or ignored more I would say.

I wanted to reply back, “bitch, I am on welfare. JUST BECAUSE I AM LOW CLASS DOES NOT MEAN I AM WHITE TRASH. I begged a man at LinkedIn to give me an equal economic opportunity for 30 days because I didn’t have a credit card to give him, and that’s how I got premium. He has a heart, unlike you witch.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what you are, how you are, or why you are the way you are. YOU SHOULD NOT BE JUDGED.

The point of my post was if someone does not know you or who you are (there is more bad than good in the world if you ask me), they should not have an opinion. I will share the shit out of my struggle because it could happen to anyone at any given time. I think everyone needs to learn how to be humble.

I feel you can judge someone after you know them. Some people are bad seeds and some things, take it from me, are unforgivable. I have also done the whole forgiveness thing. To me, it depends on how deep my wounds are.

People can judge me because I am my own worst enemy.