Lessons I've Learned from Losing

  1. Family is just a loose term. The phrase, "blood is thicker than water" doesn't resonate with me. Blood is messy. Water, even with impurities, is cleaner.

  2. Friends are few, and as I've seen people's true colors, I've discovered those who matter. It's too late to care now. I've never been scared of losing anyone or anything, but I'm terrified to lose touch with my few true friends. It's odd that half of them entered my life over the past year. Real friends accept you when you have everything or nothing. They check in, worry, and give a fuck. I cannot fucking lose them. They don't have to check on me, they do because they care. They don't only contact me out of obligation or necessity. Reflecting back on my friends 18 months ago and now, I’m shocked at how many names have vanished.

  3. Strangers have supported me more than people I supposedly "know." It makes me sad, not for me, but for society. We allow and endorse such behaviors.

  4. You do not need money to live, meaning money is not necessary to feel alive.

  5. I learned unconditional love. Love is mutual forgiveness and going up against the odds. Love is something that can grow over time. It is the calm before, during, and after storms.

  6. Social media is selfish. I asked my Facebook friends to donate goods for me to sell. I think maybe five people came through. However, if I had a status up, "I have a date tonight," it would have received a minimum of 50 likes. Hence, why I left social media, feel free, and will not be returning.

  7. People would rather throw money as you drown in black waters rather than a life jacket or a rope to tug you along. FYI: Money does not solve problems.

  8. Asking for help is not something to be ashamed of, it is an admirable trait if you approach it with honesty and a plan to pay it forward by doing good.

  9. Women will never move forward, not because of men but because of other women. We will never be able to be leaders and run the world because women cannot unite. Instead, women prefer to seek out flaws and spew vile hate. Pettiness ruins women. Women were built to run shit. They are the sex that gives birth, runs households, and gets shit done.

  10. People truly do not realize how blessed they are when they get angry over the wrong color, size, or how their steak is cooked.