Life Last Week

Maybe I will harbor hope for humanity again. Last Wednesday, at 5:06 pm, my doorbell rang. The mail had already come and she rings then leaves.

I thought maybe it was my huge-hearted neighbor dropping off food for dinner. It was daylight and I decided to open the door. I have three dogs and have a system where I narrowly slide out the door and they can’t go with me.

On my porch, a man stood dressed in a polo tucked in with his “company” logo and was wearing a lanyard not facing me. I believe the lanyard was just a blank card. I studied him, 6’2”, a goatee just starting out, and fine lines under his piercing dark eyes.

He told me my electric company had sent him and in my bill I was given a notification. He was not a supplier because he had no clipboard and as I scanned my surroundings, no vehicle. I thought, “I haven’t paid my electric bill in two months, but I saw something months ago about utility workers replacing meters. They would have hard hats, colorful vests, equipment, and a work vehicle.

I explained to him I was very busy as he asked to see my bill. He stated he would not leave my porch until I came out with the bill and I can go in and print it out online. I told him to give me 20 minutes because I was busy.

I went inside and called my neighbor because he could get to my house the fastest. No answer. I then called his wife and she said he was sleeping but she would wake him up. I then called my electric company and they said he was trying to sell me electricity, they never heard of the company, and did not send him. They told me to ask him to leave. I remember emphatically stating, “something is wrong.”

My neighbor then texted me telling me to call him as a random storm moved in and the skies grew black and the rain fell hard. He told me he left and went down the street. I went outside and my neighbor was on his porch. I then looked down the street and saw cop lights and a tow truck. The storm had passed and it was sunny. The man who had come to my door was up to no good.

I think the electric company called 9-1-1 because I called my neighbor because he is a better first responder. He did not call 9-1-1 either because he was getting rid of the man from my porch.

I told my friend the story and she replied, “who sent him?” I certainly have made more silent enemies than friends but he was caught. As someone once told me because I live in a pretty despicable area, “no good comes from the hood.”