Loose Loyalties

I now understand how the whole B2B concept generates financial gains to companies that work in that field. I do not believe in having to pay for anything that simply requires hard work. Despite popular belief, I am NOT LAZY.

I often receive spam emails asking if I would like a marketing list of email addresses. I reply, “no.” The next day, I get the same email from the same person. Thank goodness for spam filters.

If you visited this website previously. I had a pinned post linking a supplier I utilize. I do not monetize my site and do not give shout outs in return for anything. If I believe in something, I say it. If something is rotten in the state of Denmark, I let everyone know.

My loyalty and good-nature, often, a weakness, wanted to help another female better her business. Then, I put my own business hat on. I would begin buying in bulk and ask for a discount on two items. Instead of ordering frequently, I wanted to stock up at a lower price.

A discount was “built-in” and guess what? No money was taken off off my 200-piece purchase due to a system glitch. The other item would be successfully discounted when I purchased 200.

Imagine my shock when I went onto order this week, and the item price was raised $4.00.

The price gouge, much higher than the rate of inflation, angered me, and I sought out a new supplier. Sometimes businesses become cutthroat, loosening my loyalties, and losing my business.