My Mindset

I know the number of my regular readers. Some have a set of balls to do the walk of shame with me and let me know. If you opt for the behind-the-scenes shit, to each their own. If you are new, this will show you if you take time and work, you can pierce the surface. I do not know what direction life is going in but I finally broke through and didn’t try. 600% growth daily and I had a decent audience. Certain companies have even put up digits and at the end, I tie my thoughts all together.

If you followed me from the start, you would know what happens in my next book. It is already written. Hence why I can bang a book out in 60 days because the time taken is me going through the emotions. I have to craft rapid thoughts into fluidity.

I got my demographic after studying on my own with NO degree and NO money spent. Female 25-34 was the lead result. I went back in time as I do in my books and what did I like? Vanity products to make me forget how fucked up life was and shit I didn’t need to make me feel better about things. I would sell beauty products to my demographic. I would gain a profit and an audience by buying kits and breaking them down.

That was strategic. I wasn’t paying anyone. I got my own audience. I left social media because I was wasting time only seeing 1% results. Facebook is an animal and despite landing on page 1, it is not a real result on my SERP. I can get it removed, but it is at the bottom. Let people look for me even though my “family” cannot seem to find me.

I probably sold more books on the masochistic marketplace Mercari than I did on Amazon. Then enter the drama, the bottom-feeders, the boot, and ruffling a few feathers.

Birds of a feather.

Also-note millennials love technological stuff with a touch of old-school.

I designed thank you cards (Canva), wrote notes, and inserted them in 90% of my orders with my website listed. It looked as if I was following their rules virtually, but always remember think OUTSIDE THE BOX. That is why I got booted because I knew their weaknesses a.k.a.


I am going to totally take advantage of the spike, tag Mercari and tweet it to them. Maybe I will get more traffic from Japan.

I can’t even blog because I am getting pummeled in traffic today here and my other places. Over the past 72 hours, I have had 6 hours of sleep. I have been working since 6:00 am and this is my point. A person without a growth mindset, would say, “it’s the 4th of July, why are you working?”

A person who possesses a growth mindset (like myself and people I am close to) does not question it.

As I said when I started, “the United States is too small for me. I am going for the world.”

I have to be in all time zones and there are 3 hours in a day where it gets quiet across the world. That being said, I do not like selling and simply am doing this to attempt to survive. I will tell you if I had an extra person, it would be lucrative but you need two workhorses. I honestly want someone to do all this bullshit work for me. I can plan it but I just honestly want to live a slower-paced life without people bothering me about their lotion being expired or inauthentic (please). How the hell do I have time to dick around and tamper products? I sell them too fast.