Nervous Nonsense

I am my own expanded distributor because I am a control freak. I am anxious because they say it is good. I have goosebumps because everything is going to move at an even faster pace and I am worried for some reason.

I said I knocked it out of the park, yet most people stayed silent. I went where no one else would have the balls to go. This is the first thing I have ever done I believe in. I would not have released a bad book. I need a publisher because I cannot manage Scamazon.

I am waiting for my Kevin Bacon moment. I know it will all work out. I do not know why my anxiety is kicking in. Maybe because so many rotten, pretentious fucks discounted me. Yet, they are just one person in an entire world of people.

When anyone discards you as if you are meaningless, there is an entire world at your fingertips. Strangers will embrace you when those you loved show you their version of their story.

Stand up and fight. Don’t ever stop working. I am my worst enemy. I am my biggest critic. I am the only thing I fear. I fight my fucking mind every day to stay alive.