Never underestimate Nerds

Do you remember the dudes in high school who lived with their parents until they got married? The guys who never got laid until they got their first girlfriend whom became their wife? The geeks and freaks never should be underestimated. Wait until I tell my story about two nerds who turned their 90’s Dungeons and Dragons bid into something much larger. Now properties are up for sale and their technical superiority comes into question by me.

Never strong at SEO, these two tools still leave breadcrumbs behind. Gretel has enough breadcrumbs to feast on. If the dorky douches wonder where their GMB went, it was wiped out by me. You’re welcome.

I have attempted to speak to the direct source and he has chosen to ignore me. Mercari opted to ignore me and my content on that corrupt company still draws in an audience five months later. To my hopeless hacker, you cannot and will not silence me. Your story will be told and it will be told really soon.

Lesson to learn: never underestimate the crazy chick.