On the One

Warning Long Post

This will bore you.

On the One”-three words I’ve grown to despise over time as I have the person who spits the words out. Upon opening up Pandora’s Box last weekend, I knew I would get acknowledged. I’d be recognized to stay silent. After all, shit is at stake.

However, I am a writer, and I get the last word. This country allows this beautiful thing called freedom. I wanted a response, and I knew exactly how to get one. Honestly, I want nothing to do with you. You asked me to stop contacting you. I ask the same of you. Leave me alone.

You stated you do not want me to mention you in conversations. I talk to very few people, and they do not want to hear about you. If people were interested in you, I’d release another book. You yield zero results for me. Only you are interested in yourself, and that creates your stasis in life.

I do credit you with having me see my full potential as I worked endlessly to find solidity. Even though I felt truly crazier than I ever felt, you never did reaffirm that. You knew I was right and figured it all out. I think you are crazier. I own my shit, unlike you. My life has always been stranger than fiction, and you are just a character in a long line known as my story.

I know you got in the night I gave you my phone. I know you are still in. I have nothing to hide, unlike you. Feel free to remain a guest. My life is an open book. I am the one with nothing to lose, remember? I already had the abandonment issues, and if anyone ever was to ask, I hold no loyalty to you and would roll on you as fast as you opted to disregard me.

I saw you for who you really are, and I accepted you. I even cared about you at one point after you wiggled your way into my life only to manipulate my mind. When that didn’t work, you wanted nothing to do with me. You lack emotional capacity, charisma, and charm. You will never love someone, and no one will ever love you. Your soul is a hollow, bottomless void. I wonder if you see who you are or if you ever will. We both are strategists, except I feel empathy and humility. You only feel inferiority and insecurity. That saddens me.

I am disappointed in myself that I fell for your farces. We are both actors except I exited stage left. The only person who can break me is myself, and you do not hold a flame to me. Warm regards. Melissa