Past the Pain

I was told to move past my past pain in March. This person knew all of my secrets as far as I knew them to be. I never imagined he would break me.

As I shattered into pieces, being dramatic and hyperbolic, I thought, “I will teach him. I am going to write a book and let all my secrets out. He won’t be able to tell anyone them. I will beat him to it.” I would prove to him I would move past my pain.

Who moves past their pain by writing a book? Obviously me. I have to do things on a grand scale. I worked all my major shit out. I didn’t think of anyone else’s pain, only mine.

Enter my readers. I mentioned in my Scamazon blurb that “this book is heavy, I hope you can handle it.” I didn’t think they would have to face their demons. I only thought of mine. Now I am hit head on with seeing the impact of the book. This book will leave you shook ladies.