Poetry Prose

Very soon (depending on how fast my editor gets through the book), I am releasing another book of poetry. It is approximately 50 pages and this blog post will show an excerpt of prose that should paint the picture of what the upcoming book is about.

My editor is one of the strongest women I know and she helps me for free. Without her, I do not know where I would be. She is an amazing mother and if she wasn’t my age, I’d ask her to adopt me. She sent me this huge care package with food bringing tears to my eyes. My own mother could not even text to see if I was alive after being in the hospital.

My car is paid off now. Thank goodness. Unlike my brother, I did not opt to have her pay my car payment every month for the past 20 years. I am indeed feeling extra AF tonight. I feel guilt that I harbor an unrelenting animosity towards my own immediate family, but it has been a pattern of my life-never being chosen.

Here is the excerpt. Enough airing out my dirty laundry. I am just extra tonight and am not moving forward in life so why hold anything back now? I am too far gone at this point.

First time in my life I believe in myself and who is here? Not many. The poetry I release will be raw and potent. I am not sugar coating anything.

Human nature makes a man admire a strong woman, but love her for her weaknesses. I am too stubborn to admit that he is my weakness. Instead I wait, hoping to hear from him. Every now and again, I become melancholic Melissa and put my feeble needs on display. If I do not do that, he assumes I am just fine without him. When in all reality, I miss him more than anything on this earth. Men love to be needed. Men love to provide. Men love weak women. I symbolize more strength than weakness and that is why I have never been chosen.