Back when I was younger, we would go out every Thursday night to beat the clock. It basically was an event held at a bar where we binge drank as much as we could as the prices went up. By the time the clock ran out, we wanted to be intoxicated and have our money’s worth.

I miss those days and was reminded today of beating the clock because I accidentally slept in. I slept the best I have last night in so long that I cannot even remember. Waking up many hours after my intended time, I realized I had to beat the clock and cram in as many errands as I could in a short window.

I had obstacles. I had encountered an engagement of small talk, my car needed gas, but I was hell-bent on beating the clock. Nothing like when I was young where the reward was being so drunk you had no idea who you were, it was a reward of self-gratification and accomplishment.

I successfully beat the clock, and the smile on my face is worth more than any shot or Bacardi and Coke I used to engulf myself in back then. All proud seeing I beat the clock, my victory was displayed in my smile. Feeling confident, I observed. It was well worth it. My hair, makeup, outfit, and tanned skin were on point.

I may be taking baby steps, but I am taking steps. I am content. I know I am free. I feel as if the dead weight pressing on my chest has not only been lifted but has been hauled off to the junkyard. The scrap metal polluting my being can weigh someone else down. It can cut and scratch some other poor, tortured soul causing cuts, bruises, and bad blood.

When you encounter people who are truly trash, remember to find out what day garbage day is and drag that shit to the curb. Keep yourself beautiful. Keep yourself free from unfriendly forces. The feeling of weightlessness is more valuable than any precious metal.