Unsuccessful Update

I did an About Me section for visitors to read who I am and who I was. I am sticking with who I am and not going back to my past life.

I am trying to add my books because they are actually really good and I am trying to take advantage of the spike in traffic. I do not do mediocrity and would not release books that were not good. My life is stranger than fiction and it is too crazy to not tell my story.

My dream is to find a publisher, have enough to live on, and move to a cabin in the mountains of Vermont and just write. I have documented my life since age 13.

If you want to buy my book of Memoirs, Melissa’s Manic Memoirs. I get $4.90 in two months for the paperback and maybe $2.00 for the Kindle, but it’s available for free with KU and KOLL.

Dark poetry, I earn $2 for paperbacks and $.35 for the Kindle. From Melancholic to Catastrophic and From Melancholic to Ruined.