Views, Visitors, & going "Viral"

Why do people strive for views, likes, comments, and all that happy horse shit? I posted on LinkedIn because I was pissed no one will hire me. The post was deemed by LinkedIn as “trending” in #society. I did not write it with any intention other than just venting. I took a three-month leave from LinkedIn. My post naturally was picked up by strangers who are my support system. As of right now, it is over 16,000 views. What does organic growth cost? $0.00.

Maybe that is why companies do not like me because you do not need to pay for advertising. I paid under $20 to begin my growth. Annually, I get socked with a $500.80 bill to keep this website running.

My post was misconstrued because they did not know my past and present life. I took the advice to change my profile from a technical recruiter and look boring and basic now. I am creative. My technical skills were a circumstance. Techies only see black, white, and gray. Creatives see every crazy color. Apologies if I offend you. Prove me wrong.

I think the assumption was made that I worked in the IT Industry. No, I am just some random chick who was hacked by a dude who claimed to possess technical superiority. That biography has since been removed upon me catching him. Now he is nervous I will name drop. He does not deserve any recognition or attention. I will spare the world.

I will have to find the posts I removed, showing what I went through and add them to the archives. Only half of my content is live because I slightly conformed to a corporate mindset. As I said, I’ve tried everything to find employment.

It does not matter what industry I worked in because no one in any industry will hire me.

Going viral has created a few conversions. Google queries have increased, a practice I do three times daily. Imagine my surprise when someone used my exact name, looking for donations. It wasn’t me. Their campaign was shut down because I am not affiliated with panhandling (yet). Just because I look rich and famous does not mean I am. You can be whoever you want to be on the internet. When I rebranded, I added my middle name because there is a stifling chick with the same first and last name. I did not want to be associated with her, and I am sure the feeling is mutual.

I sold one book that I know of. I had one person answer a poll. I also noticed when I told someone about the post I was ignored. Most people will only love you when you are on top of the world or at rock bottom. There is no in-between. They want to reap the benefits of you being on your A-Game, or they want to be needed.

What I need now is someone to take the recycling out. Wait, that’s me. Have a good day and good holiday. Independence Day has always been my favorite holiday because we celebrate our freedom. Live and learn that and to be free of judgment.