When I Write

I have 100 racing thoughts balled up in my mind. I think of my past, present, and future. I am trying to unbundle the ball of bullshit in my brain to write a loosely eloquent post.

I can’t keep up with my creativity sometimes and always resort to handwriting thoughts down or recording them. I never let them go. Sometimes I go back to them and can finish the train of thought. Other times, I leave them derailed, written down on pieces of paper or drafted on a blog.

Do you know how many notebooks, piece of loose paper, envelopes, and storage devices I have with all the thoughts? Too many to try and organize. I have always hidden things, even from myself.

I have journals saying, “go to the other journal.” I’d go to the other journal, and it would state, “Did I fool you?

“Yes, bitch, you did. You fooled the world.”