WOW What a WEAK Woman

I can point out your nasty Monistat just chilling in the bathroom and your designer handbags hanging around. I can send you screenshots with time stamps and you still do not believe that your boyfriend has been cheating on you for four years.

We are happy.” Maybe you are, but he sure as hell isn’t calling for me over the past four years. He lies to you just like he lies to me telling me he has been planning on leaving you, saying, “there are problems, things aren’t good.”

Here you are living in your perfect little bubble thinking Mr. Wonderful is who you imagine him to be. You are weak and need him so much that you don’t believe that he has been very disloyal to you. Obviously, you haven’t satisfied him sexually in four years. Yet, keep thinking he is content and complacent because he is neither with you.

You two definitely deserve each other. He loves to be needed and you have no one else so you will cling to him and be a burden to him.

You were the rebound chick. Once a rebound chick, always a rebound chick. Keep using him to live rent-free and have a sense of false love.

Monistat, I am dominating your SEO, can we get this weak, yeast-ridden bitch a lifetime supply?