Your judgment pales in comparison to my judgment of myself. Feel free.

Your judgment pales in comparison to my judgment of myself. Feel free.

I have never worked in the IT industry. I created this website, started blogging, and wrote books in 2018. I began this journey after losing my job with a struggling retail chain. I was never happy and gave up 15 years of my life. I have “rebranded” myself. I launched this website in May of 2018 and was hacked. I then took a deep dive into the underbelly of the internet. I caught my hacker 10 months later. Everything I do on this website regarding content, SEO, and studying analytics is solely me.

I specialize in content strategy, SEO, blogging, articles, product descriptions, and business consulting. My strengths have been measured by data and I continue to work hard despite every obstacle I have faced.

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I am not really into social media much but you can creep.


It seems that people do not know me. Yet, they offer up advice on how to live my life and view me in silent judgment. I am a writer. I have written for 30 years and kept it private because even in 2019, creative minds are frowned upon. Growing up, I was encouraged to hide my talent, and while entering college, was told that writing was not a “real job.” I got a B.A., took a year off, and then went to grad school because that is what I was expected to do. I then worked in management in the retail industry for too long.

I have done everything possible in 16 months to find “gainful employment.” Yet, the content on my personal website and my therapeutic form of “self-expression” pollutes myopic minds. Having an attribute of strong-will and being a female prevents me from being hired. I started my own business because I had no other option.

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